I am Richard Master. I wrote the book Sex Up Your Life: 20+ Key Secrets to Unleashing Her Inner Slut. This book is intended for mature audiences only.

Here is what the book is about:

If you’re not getting laid, it’s your own damn fault. There is no candy coating for your male ego, or allowing for excuses in order to soften the message in this book. This book contains facts about what it takes to succeed with women. If you’re looking for a kind and gentle nudge in the right direction, this may not be the book for you. If you want hard hitting, guaranteed methods to improve your prowess with the ladies, you really can’t afford not to read this book.
Richard Master pulls no punches as he explains why simply wanting to have sex with a woman is not enough. You’ve got to work at evaluating yourself, and correcting your weaknesses. His advice is right on with tips about hygiene, clothes, conversation and even how to correctly touch a woman when it’s time to turn up the heat. If you’ve always wondered what makes women like me go from, “absolutely not” to “oh my god”, you’ll want to be sure to pay close attention.

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